about me

Hey there, I’m Alex. I used to review over at Book Chick (bookchick2013.blogspot.com). I did that for about 2.5-3 years before I got an overwhelming amount of spam. I also found the formatting wasn’t meeting my needs as a blogger, so I set out to find a new site to put my blog on. This has been in the making for a long time and I’m very excited about it!

I re-named my blog to “pierced reader” because of my recent addiction that has almost taken the place of reading. I love piercings and everything to do with it, up and down. I want to be a piercer at some point in my life. I have 13 piercings in my body right now, with 1 retired due to migration. I’m happy to get back into reading and hope it sticks around for me.

My favourite genre is New Adult in almost any sub-genre. I won’t often read Young Adult genres. I enjoy listening to music when I read; I’m also very intrigued by psychology. Leave me a comment below linking to your blog bio, or a mini blurb explaining yourself so we can get to know one another!

img_6639pierced reader