January 2017 to-read

January 2017 approached quicker then I expected. What did I pledge to read this year? A measly 9 books – the reason is last year I fell out of touch with reading. I’m going to adjust my goal every month to reflect how I feel and what I expect of myself.

What do I want to read January 2017?

Once She Dreamed by Abbi Glines


A short novella written by one of my favourite authors, I’ve read almost every other book this author has released and why not start the year with one of my favourites. I’m slowly easing my way back into reading with novellas and short stories for my favourite couples and authors.





Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

15858248I actually started this one late 2016 when my boyfriend was away for three weeks. I wanted humour and I really did get it; I’m excited to finish it and see where I get with the series. I’ve had it recommended a multitude of times but always find the title quite intimidating but I’m glad I finally plan to read it.





I know, I know I’m only choosing to read two but see it from my point: I one read 8 books last year. Let’s not be too ambitious or the fall will be one so big I may choose not to get back up again. I’ve already read three short (very short) stories so far – I plan on having their reviews posted with their counterparts (the first, second, third, etc book in the series that it matches).

pierced reader


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